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Bluetooth Folding iPhone/iPad Keyboard

By Elecom 

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of an iPhone without sacrificing a hardware keyword–sorry Blackberry!

Elecom’s Bluetooth Folding Keyboard for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch is the perfect way to get what you need done quicker, and more efficient with your Apple products! Wireless, compact, and easy to use.

folding keyboard

Keyboard also comes equipped with 6 special multi-function buttons including Volume Control and a Home button on the left hand side. Comes with a carrying case, so your keyboard can stay scratch-free and convenient to travel with. Elecom’s Folding Keyboard requires no special driver installation and can be used immediately! Also comes with a built-in stand for the iPod or iPhone! Available in Black or White.

black white

Compatible models: iPad, iPhone4, fourth-generation iPod touch, iOS4.0 software updates since the iPhone 3GS, third-generation iPod touch (32GB, 64GB) ※ iPhone3G, 1 second, second generation iPod touch, Mac is not supported.
Bluetooth Compliance: Bluetooth 2.0 Class2
Connection Method: Bluetooth ® wireless systemProfile
Radio frequency: 2.4GHz Band
Communication Systems: FH-SS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) system
Distance radio: Non-magnetic material (such as a wooden desk) to about 10m, the magnetic material (steel desks) about 3m
Batteries: AAA alkaline batteries, when using alkaline batteries keyboard battery power lasts about 1 month.
Number of keys: 70 keys (array English)
Key Type: Pantograph System
Size: 319.2H × 102.9W × 9.6D mm (while open), 162.5H × 102.9W × 19.2D mm (when folded)
Weight: 195g (including batteries)
Accessories: Carrying case × 1, AAA alkaline batteries × 2

Contributed by Alex

Alex is a graphic designer, editor and model in Tokyo. She wanted to come to Japan ever since her mind was blown after watching a VHS copy of Totoro as a child. She grew up on a strict diet of Sailor Moon, Super Nintendo RPG's and manga (i.e. incurable otaku) before she finally made the move to the land of the rising sun. Alex's knowledge of Japanese pop-culture now outpaces most of the locals; she is White Rabbit's resident expert on Manga, Anime, Games and Japanese pop-culture.

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