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Blackmax Folding Bike

By Doppelganger 

Light weighted foldable 20-inch Aluminum bike
・Weight: 12.3 Kg
・Length: 1480 mm
・Size in folded condition: 800x640x360 mm
・Saddle height: 690-915 mm
・Handle width 570 mm
・Handle height: 1000 mm / ± 2cm vertical extent possible
・Tire size: 20 × 1.5 inch
・Frame color: Jet black × orange flash
・Accessories: manual, warranty card, tie-down belt for folded condition, Cap nut, LED front lights, seat post mounting wire lock
・Frame material: 7005 alloy aluminum
・Gear system: Shimano 6-stage
・Maximum people load: less than 75kg

Twin tube aluminum frame


Shimano 6-stage

V brake

Color tire

Contributed by Kim

Kim is a closet otaku with a passion for web development, movies and photography. In 2002 her love of sushi and curiosity for all things Japanese led her to Tokyo. She plays the Irish tin whistle and enjoys hiking, cooking and plotting to take over the world.

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