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iPad Mini Case in Rust Design

By Bird-Electron Shima Works 

The iPad Mini Rust Cases (¥3,980Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
White Rabbit Express service fee and other costs not included.
) are a collaboration between Bird-Electrons and Shima Works.

Taskashi Shima often employs rusty, aged surfaces to reveal their derelict beauty in his designs. The passing of time and its effect on metal is a re-occurring theme of his work and especially fascinating when paired with hi-tech objects like the shiny and glossy Apple products.

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 5.47.43 PM

The “Bleed” version features a reddish brown rust motif while the “Split” Cover is more translucent and resembles a liquid being poured over the item.

Material: polycarbonate
Base Color: clear (transparent)
Processing: ink-jet printing
Compatible models: iPad mini
Images: Takashi Shima

The case attaches to the back of the iPad mini and does not cover the screen, but wallpapers in matching designs can be downladed here

Contributed by Rene

Rene is a writer and trend researcher. Born to Japanese parents in Vienna, Austria, she studied fashion and industrial design in Vienna, working as a make-up assistant (where she learnt to decode the complex world of primers, foundations and powders) and briefly as a stylist. After a year under the scorching sun in rural Thailand, Rene finally arrived in Tokyo and spent seven years writing for design magazines and researching trends in youth culture and design. She is White Rabbit's expert on Japanese beauty goods, fashion, and design products.

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