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Mokulock Wooden Bricks

By New Tech Shinsei 

Japanese design firm New Tech Shinsei has produced Mokulock, a limited edition of beautiful wooden interlocking toy bricks, handmade from maple and birch that are compatible with the most common plastic toy bricks.


The carefully crafted bricks are an excellent opportunity for children to incorporate organic materials into their play. Mokulock’s intention is to provide children who grow up in an urban and rather sterile environment with the possibility to connect to and understand nature and ecology in a playful manner.


One set contains 48 pieces. One brick piece is 32 × 16 × 13mm.



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Contributed by Rene

Rene is a writer and trend researcher. Born to Japanese parents in Vienna, Austria, she studied fashion and industrial design in Vienna, working as a make-up assistant (where she learnt to decode the complex world of primers, foundations and powders) and briefly as a stylist. After a year under the scorching sun in rural Thailand, Rene finally arrived in Tokyo and spent seven years writing for design magazines and researching trends in youth culture and design. She is White Rabbit's expert on Japanese beauty goods, fashion, and design products.

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