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Titanium Chopsticks

By Metaphys 

The comfort of wearing glasses and holding chopsticks both equally depend on the fine balance of their center of gravity. An eye-wear maker–with their sophisticated technology and careful consideration of delicate balance–have succeeded in producing a set of titanium chopsticks that are so light you can barely feel them in your hand.

The potential for titanium as a sustainable tableware material is on full display with characteristics that include harboring no odor or taste, an antibacterical effect that prevents allergies, its ability to tolerate repeated boiling and dishwasher cycles and is recyclable.

Available in matte silver and polished silver.

Price: (¥12,600Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
White Rabbit Express service fee and other costs not included.
) Size: W5.5mm x D5.5mm x H220.8mm
Material: Titanium
Weight: 9.5g

via Metaphys

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Contributed by Max

Max is the founder and director of White Rabbit Japan. When away from the office he enjoys hiking in the mountains around Tokyo and has developed an interest in freediving. His talkative Siamese cat Wabi boosts morale around the office.

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