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Waterproof Smartphone Speaker Case

By Loft 

Smartphones have survived war zones and outer space; now they have finally conquered the bathroom.

This Waterproof Smartphone Speaker Case (¥2,940Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
White Rabbit Express service fee and other costs not included.
) is made for those with a penchant of dropping their phones into unfortunate things. It offers more than just protection though. This case amplifies sound while maintaining full use of your phone’s interface. Take showers and long baths while listening to your favorite jams, podcasts, or continue chatting with friends — as long as that’s not weird for either party.

A collapsable support stand and shower hook adapt to all situations. Available in white, marine blue, pink, and orange.

Max phone size:7 × 1.6 × 13cm
Size:13.5 × 5.1 × 18.2cm
Speaker diameter:4.9cm
Cord length:14cm
Plug type:L-shape, 3.5mm
Highest output:2000mW
Weight:231g (without batteries)
Accessories:1 Silicon film replacement
Materials:ABS, silicon
Made in:China

Contributed by Shaun

Shaun is a teacher turned salaryman in Tokyo. He has always had one foot in Japan the other in the US, eating unagi-don before football practice (Japanese moms insist it gives you energy). Shaun studied Psychology and East Asian Studies in America, but got his real education from Japanese film directors, like Seijun Suzuki and Ishiro Honda. After living in a tent in the Rocky Mountains, working as a beer brewer and teaching in Korea, he came to Japan and lived for a year in the countryside before moving to Tokyo. Shaun is White Rabbit's expert on local food, traditional crafts, environmental products and Japanese technology.

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