What is the best Japan shopping service?

Why use a proxy service to buy from Japan?

There are many reasons to use a proxy service to buy from Japanese online stores.

First, most Japanese online shops make shopping difficult, if not impossible, for foreigners. These websites are most often only available in Japanese. Most of the time, they do not make international delivery and do not accept foreign payment methods.

Then, Japanese sellers rarely speak a foreign language. This makes communication difficult, especially if you have a question to ask about the product.

Finally, it is safer to count on the help of a professional buyer when you want to be part of a time-sensitive sale. This is particularly true with auctions, limited edition products and pre-orders.

Customer reviews say White Rabbit Express is the best Japan shopping service

Since 2015, White Rabbit Express has helped thousands of people buy in Japan. We are the pioneers in the Japan proxy-buying industry. This does not prevent us to offer an innovative and personalized experience to our customers.

Our service is both easy to use and affordable. In addition, we offer a customer support that is really at your service and that answers all your questions. While our competitors refuse requests they consider too complicated, we are able to achieve the most advanced and customized orders.

Most people who have tried White Rabbit Express share our opinion. That's why we have the best customers feedbacks of the market on sites such as Google Reviews, Trustpilot or Facebook.

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What you can do with White Rabbit Express

Here are some examples of situations in which you can use our proxy shopping service to buy items in Japan.

A proxy bidding service for Yahoo Auctions

Our buyers can bid for you on sites like Yahoo Auctions Japan. Just tell us what is your maximum bid and you will not have to worry about this sale anymore. We will take care of everything, as if you were bidding in Japan!

Order second-hand products on Mercari or Rakuma

There are more and more P2P marketplaces in Japan. Unfortunately, these apps are reserved for Japanese residents and most proxy shopping services do not support this kind of platform. Thankfully, White Rabbit Express can buy items for you at sites like Mercari Japan or Rakuma.

Buy Japanese limited-edition products

Many Japanese products are offered in limited edition. That's why Japan is a country to which many collectors turn to find extremely rare items. We buy products of this type daily. We can even participate in lotteries on your behalf.

Buy at Tokyo events and customized orders

Unlike most of our competitors, we can be flexible and respond to custom requests. For example, we can go to events or stores in Tokyo to buy products that are not sold on the Internet.