Cool things you can buy in Japan that you can’t buy here

Why buy from Japan?

Many Japanese websites sell exclusive products in Japan. Unfortunately, most of these e-commerce sites do not ship internationally, so many cool Japanese items cannot be bought in your country.

That's why we created the best proxy buying service in Japan: White Rabbit Express. Our service allows you to buy on any Japanese site as if you were living in Japan. In fact, you simply have to tell us what you want to buy, then we order it for you and ship it to your address abroad.

You will not need to buy plane tickets to Tokyo to get the Japanese things you dreamed of. Thanks to White Rabbit Express, you can buy Japanese products as if you were in Japan.

Things you can only buy in Japan

Here is a list of Japanese product categories that people not residing in Japan like to buy on the web. Of course, White Rabbit Express can help you buy any of these products.

Why some products are only available in Japan?

Selling more is not a priority for every Japanese company

Many Japanese companies do not see any interest in setting up their business abroad. They do not always realize that there is a market for their products outside of Japan. This is particularly the case in the video game and manga sectors.

Most often, the majority of the market is in the Japanese archipelago. Fans from other countries of the world represent only niches. These smaller audiences are more expensive to serve. It is often necessary to localize content in a new language, to adapt the product to the legislation of each country, to find distributors in these regions before being able to really market a product outside Japan. This takes time and is a risk for many Japanese companies that have a lack of knowledge from abroad.

Some Japanese companies are simply afraid of not being able to deliver the same quality of service as in Japan. The Japanese are perfectionists, and the company reputation is almost always the most important value for both executives and employees. The profit generated by the company is not always a priority for them.

A strategy to increase the product value

On the other hand, the Japanese market is special. It is sometimes financially attractive for some brands to offer exclusive products in Japan. In this case, it is a deliberate decision that aims to increase the value of the product in the eyes of Japanese consumers. This kind of marketing technique makes the misfortune of foreign collectors.