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Most of the best camera and camera lens brands in the world are Japanese. With their fine attention to detail and immaculate craftsmanship, this is not a surprise.

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Here are some of the most prominent Japanese makers of high quality cameras and optical lenses:

  • Canon, undisputedly one of the most prominent camera makers in the world, was founded in 1937 and is famous for their high-end SLRs.
  • Fujifilm was founded in 1934 and creates not only digital SLR cameras but also rangefinder cameras and mirrorless digital cameras.
  • Nikon was founded in 1917 and also specialises in SLR cameras. The Nikon D-Series is one of the top selling product lines in the entire photography industry.
  • Olympus, founded in 1919, specialized in high-quality film-based SLR cameras and transitioned towards digital in the 1990s - earlier than most competitors - producing some of the first commercially available digital cameras.
  • Pentax manufactures binoculars and other optical devices in addition to high-end digital SLR cameras. Founded in 1919, the company has products for budget-conscious consumers as well as professionals seeking the highest quality possible.
  • Sony may be better known for their televisions, but after acquiring Konica Minolta's camera division in 2007, the company has become heavily involved in creating quality digital cameras such as those in the Sony Alpha line.

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How to buy from Japan
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