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Japan has given birth to the Otaku culture. It is for this reason that there is a wide choice of costumes for cosplay on Japanese stores. You will also find many wigs to mimic your favorite anime characters.

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How to buy from Japan

What to get and where to get them

Where and how to buy Japanese cosplay costumes?

Here are some online stores where you can buy costumes and gear to make your own cosplay outfits:

  • Acos: You can buy the newest cosplay goods, wigs and makeup sets here.
  • CLOTHiC: The perfect shop to buy top-quality textiles and other materials to make your own cosplay costume.
  • Cospa: High quality cosplay goods.
  • Lalabit: Otaku-themed apparel and other goods.
  • Mandarake: You can find anything related to anime and manga culture in this second-hand stores chain.

What is Cosplay?

The term "Cosplay" is the contraction of "Costume play". This is a hobby in which fans of popular cultural works, called "cosplayers", disguise themselves to imitate characters from popular fiction series. The sources of insipration are varied, but they are often characters of video games, cartoons or famous mangas. Three areas in which Japan has a lot of influence.

The art of cosplay also consists of making even you own costumes to achieve performances at fan conventions. The best-known conventions are the Comicon of San Diego, the Comiket in Tokyo and Japan Expo in Paris.

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