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Most drugstores in Western countries carry just a couple brands of eyedrops, but this is not the case in Japan. The Japanese take very good care of their eyes, especially during winter, and the variety of eyedrops you'll find is incredible.

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White Rabbit Express is a buying service for Japanese Products. We can buy and ship virtually anything from Japan to nearly anywhere in the world.

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How to buy from Japan

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How to buy eyedrops in Japan?

It is really difficult to buy eye drops in Japan when you live abroad. The major Japanese brands do not export their products. The ophtalmic drops sold on their web sites can only be shipped in Japan.

But this is no longer a problem with White Rabbit Express. Our proxy-buying service can allow you to access any product sold in Japan. Just tell us what eye drops you want to buy, and we will place an order with the Japanese company that produces them. Once we receive your eye drops in our office we will ship them to your home.

What are Japanese eye drops brands?

There are three main eyedrops brands in Japan. Each has several product lines catering to different needs like dry eyes, allergy-related issues, contact lense fatigue, and more.


Rohto Pharmaceutical is a Japanese company from Osaka. It mainly sells three types of products: cosmetics, dietary supplements and over-the-counter medications. There is a wide range of ophthalmic drops among them. There most popular products are:

  • Rohto Kokin Antibacterial EX eye drops, which can cure styes and conjunctivitis. This medicine is appreciated by everyone because it can be given to babies (over four months).
  • Rohto Dry Aid EX eye drops, they contain an extremely high viscosity which only Rohto has the secret. These eye drops help keep your eyes moist for long periods.
  • Rohto Lycéeye eye drops, they relieve minor irritation of the eye and act as a protection against possible irritation. In addition, it also helps relieve the dryness of the eye.

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Lion Corporation is a Tokyo-based company that manufactures detergents, soap, medicines and hygiene products. Among these hygiene products there is a large number of eye drops. The most popular of which are:

  • Lion Smile 40 Premium eyedrops, they contain ten ingredients that can fight problems such as blurred vision and sore eyes. In addition, three types of amino acids help improve the cellular metabolism of tired eyes.

Access Lion website


Santen Pharmaceutical is an Osaka company specialized in the production of ophtalmological and rheumatological medicines. Their most popular eye drops are:

  • Santen Beauteye Anti-Aging eyedrops, they are designed to fight against aging by keeping the eyes moist and clean. These eye drops contain taurine that improves eye regeneration, as well as sodium chondroitin sulfate ester that protects and hydrates the cornea.
  • Santen FX Neo eye drops, they refresh and improve tired and red eyes.

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